Garage Door Springs

Without garage door springs, your door will be almost impossible to operate. Since they store dangerous tension, it is highly advised to avoid fixing them on your own.

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With the help of springs, virtually anyone can lift a heavy garage door manually. This is possible because the springs act as a counter-balance that offsets the heavy weight of the door, making the doors virtually weightless.Garage Door Springs

The Springy Difference

Remember that most doors are made of wood, some are metal and many have glass windows and fixtures. All of these are heavy materials that make the door almost impossible to lift without any form of assistance – but with the right torque from the right kind of spring, the difference is pretty remarkable.

The torsion spring is mounted on the wall overhead. It can be a single continuous piece of coil or two joined coils. The extension springs are located to the sides. Generally, their function is the same. They support the weight of the door to allow easy lifting.

Fixing the Failure

The springs need to be properly set in place and wound to the appropriate torque and strength in order to be effective. If you notice that yours are not working properly or if you find that they lack torque or strength, then our technicians can help you out by providing the appropriate garage door torsion spring adjustment. If, on the other hand, they are broken and cannot be mended, then call us to replace the extension springs safely and correctly for you.Working on a broken spring on your own is highly not recommended as it can be very dangerous.

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